Große Info-Zusammenfassung aus den Gameplay Videos (Keine Story oder Location Spoiler)

Für alle, denen es wie mir geht und die bisher nur nen Bruchteil der Gameplay Videos anschauen konnten hier mal eine Zusammenfassung neuer Erkenntnisse, die ich auf Reddit gefunden hab. Credits gehen an BoboTheBurner der sich die Mühe gemacht hat, die Übersicht nach dem Gucken von 15+ Stunden Gameplay zu erstellen. Ach ja, auch wichtig: Story/Location Spoiler sind keine drin!


  • Cost caps to claim.
  • If already claimed, you must initiate pvp with current owner in order to claim for yourself.
  • Equivalent to non-scrap able settlements in FO4 as far as building.
  • Some locations have gun emplacements that could be repaired and fire on hostiles.
  • Option on workbench to repair everything at once.
  • Produces location specific items. E.g. Fusion cores.
  • Items are produced in a specific container located at the workbench every x minutes or hours.


  • Random or location specific events that can be participated in by anyone in the vicinity.
  • Events are timed.
  • Gives rewards for successful completion.


  • In-game achievement system that rewards Atom for completing tasks. E.g. Take a picture of Appalachia.
  • Atom is the purchasable currency for the in game store that provides cosmetic items.
  • Armor and weapons:
  • Gear condition (CND) has made a return from FO3/NV.
  • Gear automatically unequips when broken and can be repaired at a crafting bench.
  • Gear now has level requirements. E.g Double Barrel Shotgun requires level 15.
  • Gear mods now have learnable plans.
  • Armor can now be worn hidden behind your cosmetic outfit of choice.
  • Scrapping weapons (and armor?) has a chance to provide a mod for that item.

New weapons:

  • Drill (Handheld)
  • Hatchet
  • Tomahawk (Throwing)
  • Fire Axe
  • Pitchfork
  • Binoculars
  • Pick Axe
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Sickle
  • Golf Club
  • Bowie Knife
  • Throwing Knives
  • Plasma Gatling Gun (unconfirmed)
  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • 10mm Submachine Gun
  • Some of these are returning weapons from FO3/NV so technically not “new”.

Player trading:

  • Initiated by running up to a player and both of you pressing the corresponding key.
  • You then see each other’s inventory but not equipped items.
  • You can set your own prices but cannot request prices.


  • Party Leader can share quests to party members.
  • Party members completing events or quests 100+ yards away still rewards you.
  • Players go into a downed phase when reaching 0 HP.
  • Players can call out to teammates or skip the down phase to revive.
  • Players can stimpak downed teammates.
  • Bobbleheads and magazines:
  • These are now consumable items that have timed buffs. E.g. 5% increased XP for 1 hour.
  • They have set locations in the world but may also be found in loot?
  • You can purchase them from other players.


  • Ammo, weapons and armor can now be crafted.
  • Option at workbenches to scrap all junk into crafting components.
  • Crafting recipes and mods for gear can now be found as lootable items.
  • Vending machines:
  • Ammo and medical vending machines scattered throughout the game.
  • Sell basic ammo and medical supplies.

Robot vendors:

  • Sell an assortment of items including unique variations of weapons and armor.
  • Sell plans for CAMP objects.
  • Sell plans for gear mods.
  • Unique vendor item table based on robot type.
  • New “legendary” enemies:
  • Unique enemies are now tagged with a crown above their level or a star to the right of their name when targeting them.
  • They do not have the same traits as FO4 legendary enemies. They don’t seem stronger than normal enemies.
  • They have a larger and rarer loot table but do not guarantee a unique gear item.


  • Able to build personal stashes
  • Stashes are accessible at other players CAMPs but contents are unique to the player.
  • Lights and other activated objects can be interacted with by other players.
  • Small Caps cost to relocate.
  • Confirmed that CAMPs will have a larger settlement build limit than in FO4.
  • You must travel a fair distance away from someone’s CAMP before being able to set up your own.
  • CAMP schematics are earned from capturing workshops and completing quests.
  • Unable to scrap the environment like in FO4 settlements.


  • Airborne illnesses present. Wearing a hazmat suit or gas mask is preventative.
  • Diseases contracted from diseased mobs.
  • Hunger affects AP negatively the same way Rads affect HP.
  • Mutations are grown from having too many rads.
  • Radaway has a chance to remove mutations.
  • Not drinking or eating will cause illness effects.
  • Swimming in water provides the tooltip “Risking waterborne illness”
  • Survival items from FO4 are in game. E.g. antibiotics


  • The damage from being “slapped” is very minimal.
  • After dying from a duel, it seems you do full damage to your revenge target without needing to slap them.
  • Weapons do a large amount of damage to other players.
  • Hunted/Hunter radio station that promotes PvP.


  • Starting weight is 150.
  • Each point of strength adds 5 weight to max.
  • Everything in the game except for most items under the misc tab has weight.
  • When overencumbered, you can still move just like having the strong back perk in FO4.
  • You cannot fast travel while overencumbered. (Maybe a perk card later on)
  • Ammo weight has been rebalanced in favor of less weight.

Power Armor

  • Requires level 25 to equip T-45 PA
  • Wearing a frame doesn’t have a level requirement
  • Frames and armor cannot be stolen


  • VATs no longer snaps your crosshairs to your target.
  • You do not have to aim at all, just be facing in the general vicinity, like previous games.
  • You can still switch between targets with VATS activated, even if they are behind you.
  • Starting out, VATS accuracy is really low unless point blank.
  • Perks and weapon mods greatly increase VATs accuracy.
  • You still build up a critical meter using VATS.
  • Having VATs mode activated slowly reduces AP.


  • Favorited items now use a wheel instead of d-pad on controllers.
  • The hotkey wheel has 12 slots.
  • The d-pad on controllers have unchangeable hotkeys for the emote wheel, hotkey wheel and stimpaks.


  • Mines now explode almost instantly.
  • Radiation has the same effect on health as in FO4.
  • New pictured treasure maps located in loot. They show a penciled landscape with an X.
  • Some locations have indoor cells with loading screens.
  • Material shipments are now called bulk .
  • You can have only one chem (mentats, jet etc) active at once.
  • Throwing weapons use the grenade slot.
  • Food has a condition bar like weapons and armor. Spoiling?
  • New pip-boy holotape mini game Nuka Tapper.
  • New secondary transparent pip-boy pop up menu option. Instead of looking down at your pip-boy.
  • Lots of new loot-able flora.
  • Log stacks and fallen trees can be looted for wood.
  • Limited to creating 5 characters.
  • Playing instruments gives the player a buff.
  • Sleeping in a bed does not affect in game time.
  • Wandering traders.
  • Dropping items now produces a container modeled as a lunch bag instead of dropping each item individually.

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2 Antworten


Krasse Liste! Danke fürs hier Posten!

13.10.2018 um 21:26


Super Psting von dir und besonderen Dank an den Creditinhaber für seine Mühen! Zu vielen könnte ich noch Ergänzungen bringen, am dem 18.10.19 darf ich dass auch offiziell tun dann erlischt meine NDA.

Das mit dem Mindestlevel für Powerrüstungen wusste ich auch nicht, macht aber Sinn!

Nur mal soviel:

Bei den Waffen :
– die komplette Waffenliste aus F1, F2 und FT

Nahrung :
– Die Condition ist vorhanden, da bestimmte mehr als einmal sättigen.

– Soll später einen EP-Bonus geben


Ich schreib morgen abend noch ein bissl mehr dazu, sofern Zeit ist!


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